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  1. This has to do with League Of Legends. Most of the times when I play LoL my avarage ping is about 100-150ping max. Once I downloaded the app it said that Outfox is not in use and I was playing with 99-100ms with really low ping raises up to 117ms. After that game Outfox was in use and it said that my improvement was -100% and I had 200ms teleporting sometimes around the map instead of moving. I don't know what happened but if I keep playing like this and losing games I delete Outfox cause it seems useless when the only thing it does is increasing my ping. But even though I had 200ms+ it says that without Outfox my package loss is 71% and with it 0% I am not sure if this is true but since I have played in the past with 200ms I can say that it didn't feel I really play with 200ms it felt like 150ms+. Hope you can fix it and maybe the app lowers the ping and not increasing it. Am I using the app wrong? Can someone please tell me how is this supposed to be working.