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  1. Yo! If you're having errors with one of the package libraries needed for installation, that often times happens if there's a permissions conflict during installation. A quick fix is to run the installer as Administrator. If that doesn't do the trick, you can always grab the packages from the source.
  2. Excellent find!
  3. Hey there! I'm not seeing any images in the post here. If you could, please shoot us an email with the attachments to this address: For added measure, we'd be interested in checking the logs for the connection. Here's how to get those:
  4. We'd like to help you out with that. Please reach out to our support team - In the ticket, please let us know what servers have been tried. Be sure to also bring some app logs as well -
  5. Eso parece un asunto molesto, sin duda. Afortunadamente, hay una forma de arreglar esto. Funciona en la mayoría de los casos. ¡Intentémoslo! Para empezar, asegúrate de que Outfox esté cerrado. - Presiona la tecla de Windows y la R para el aviso de ejecución (o haz clic en la barra de tareas de Windows) y escribe services.msc y ejecútalo. - Busca a Outfox en la lista de servicios - Haga clic con el botón derecho del ratón en Outfox y elija Stop - Espere unos segundos mientras el servicio se detiene. Vuelva a hacer clic con el botón derecho del ratón y elija Inicio - Adelante y lanza Outfox - Después de que Outfox esté cargado, ¡adelante y lanza tu juego! ¡Eso debería solucionar el problema de la pantalla de carga atascada! Sin embargo, si todavía tienes problemas, por favor abre un ticket con el soporte. Asegúrate de incluir cualquier paso realizado (que nos ayude a volver a producir el problema de nuestro lado) así como el juego al que intentas jugar. También asegúrate de incluir cualquier registro de la aplicación y cualquier servidor que hayas probado. Aquí tienes cómo conseguir esos registros: Traiga todos los datos en un ticket de soporte a través de:
  6. Gracias por los comentarios. Estamos trabajando activamente para ampliar la lista de juegos apoyados. ¡Esperemos que se añada pronto! [Nota: Este mensaje fue movido a la sección del foro Solicitud de funciones y juegos] [Note: This message was moved to the Feature & Game Request forum section]
  7. Hello! Thank you for your interest in Outfox... and welcome to the forums! I certainly understand you're seeing some high pings, which is definitely no good. I'd like to get a little more information so we can work through this issue. Could you provide a screenshot of the ping with and without Outfox? Also, let's try a test! For this test, you would need WinMTR. WinMTR is a program that samples active connections to a server address and samples the pings over time. Very useful for researching into network quality. It can be downloaded here: Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder and open to find the executable binary. Be sure to use the 64-bit version if you're on a 64 bit install of Windows (which I'm about 99% certain is the case, maybe higher). This is an easy test to perform. Be sure to use the attached image for reference. - With WinMTR open, paste "" into the host field (without the quotes) - If you have the IP address for the game's server, go ahead and use that - Click 'Start' and leave it running while you log in and start playing your game. - Play for about 15-20 minutes so WinMTR gets a good sampling - Click 'Stop' in WinMTR and then click 'Copy Text to Clipboard' - Paste the results in the reply in this thread and we'll give it a look! Thanks!
  8. This may well be the case and the earlier posts on this thread point to that conclusion also. We do want to try any available solution, however. The offer is still available to send in screens or app logs to support so we can review further on our end. Thanks!
  9. Hmmm. -100%. Not a very good sign, is it? If latency values aren't being retrieved properly or ICMP is blocked, this could happen. I would start with the firewall or local network devices. You will need to make sure your router isn't blocking any type of ICMP traffic and the firewall should not be restricting network traffic. You might also try disabling any firewalls temporarily to diagnose. We won't be able to advise where those specific settings are located on your particular router or firewall, but a quick search online with your specific information should net some specifics to your set up. You can always temporarily disable router/software firewalls first to see if the issue persists, then adjust settings accordingly.
  10. Thank you for the request. We will take it into consideration
  11. Parece que este juego no está soportado en este momento. Lo sentimos, pero es una gran sugerencia. Siempre estamos agregando nuevos juegos y apreciamos su interés en traer este juego a Outfox!
  12. Parece que sigues teniendo dificultades de conexión. Por favor, contacte con nuestro equipo de apoyo para más ayuda:
  13. Hiya, James! Hope all's going well for you. About using Outfox with Steamlink, that is not currently supported. I've experimented a variety of applications and uses with Steamlink and found that it's fairly narrow in scope but does what it's designed for very well. Allowing Outfox to be utilized through Steamlink would be an interesting use case and hopefully we can find a way to work that in in a future update!