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  1. Hey there! I don't think we have Neverwinter on the roadmap currently but that could be a possibility in the future. Thanks for your interest!
  2. paypal

    Hey Rob, We have done some preliminary setup required for PayPal payments. Right now, we are working with our web team to implement PayPal into the payment flow with our payment processor but I don't have an ETA right now. Stay tuned!
  3. Hello, I translated your message with Google translate, but I'm not sure I completely understood the issue. Are you having issues just launching the Outfox application? If so, we do offer steps that should help alleviate that issue on the following help guide: If I have misunderstood the issue, please let me know and we will be happy to assist you further! Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  4. Hello, Our support team is here to help you out. Please contact us directly to investigate what is causing this: support@getoutfox.com We look forward to hearing from you! Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  5. hey @rampage1388 It sounds like in your case your native connection is a bit faster than the Outfox network at the time you are playing. To explain, when using Outfox, you are using our worldwide network of servers. In many (but not all) cases, when using the Outfox network your ping times will lower and you will experience decreased latency. That being said, we are always working to improve the service, so check back and I suggest sticking with using the "Fastest Server" option, as this will automatically determine whether or not to use Outfox or your native connection. When using the Fastest Server option to connect, Outfox does some tests that check for things like network congestion and ping time. It then determines if the Outfox network or your native internet connection is the fastest. If you see Outfox Not Used displayed, this means your standard internet connection was faster than the Outfox connection, so you were not connected to our network. I hope that clarifies how it works. Let us know if you have any questions! Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Hope it's cleared up for good for you. The trials are full access, so it shouldn't be the cause of this issue. If the issue surfaces again, let us know. Cheers, Wes Outfox Support
  7. hey @bobdog21.jk We haven't filed a defect for this because we haven't been able to reproduce this issue. We requested some information from the first user that reported this but haven't heard back. I would need to pose you with same questions: Do you ever see this error when Outfox is closed? Any other info you can provide so I can try to reproduce this on my end would be helpful such as screenshots etc. Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  8. Hey alvarofer0020, Sorry to hear you are having trouble. You mentioned using a VPN in your post. Are you required to use a VPN in order to play Escape from Tarkov in your country? If you aren't, I wouldn't recommend using it in conjunction with Outfox. A VPN will manage and encrypt all of your internet traffic where as Outfox just isolates and reroutes your game traffic specifically. So using them together could cause issues like this. Also, are you using the 'Fastest Server' location when using Outfox or are you manually selecting a game server? Try both methods and let me know what your results are. We look forward to hearing from you! Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  9. Hey Zinny, Outfox isn't designed to handle voice chat, so it's hard to say what could be causing this. I can say we've seen this issue occur with Discord voice chat before and it can be resolved by adding an Inbound and Outbound rule for Outfox.exe in your local firewall to allow it through. I would recommend trying that first. Let us know how that works for you. Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  10. Hey Jef, First I want to apologize your post fell through the cracks. But to clarify, yes, you can use Outfox with both a wired and wireless connection. As long as you have an active internet connection, Outfox should work its magic! Let me know if you have any further questions! Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  11. Hey dmu, Sorry you are having trouble there. This wasn't a general discussion topic, so I moved this post over to the tech support side of the forum. I've done quite a bit of Overwatch testing myself and haven't had the issue you reported. So it sounds like there may be something underlying with the network that may be causing the issue. I do know that Outfox will not add ping to your game connection as long as you are using the 'Fastest Server' feature. If the ICMP test reflects that the Outfox's ping is higher than your ISP ping, then Outfox just shouldn't engage at all. You also want to keep in mind that a connection like this isn't static and may fluctuate during your gameplay. So make sure that you have it set to 'Fastest Server' and you should be all set. If you have any other questions or issues, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help out: support@getoutfox.com Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  12. Hey Shaurya, We will be happy to look into that with you. Please contact our support team: support@getoutfox.com We look forward to hearing from you! Cheers! Wes Outfox Support
  13. 无法登陆

    Hello, Sorry for the trouble with this. Please try using the following build of the application to login: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ZOrlxuxSyoPAa_NCbGgPFHXFkFcLte2/view?usp=sharing You will need to fully uninstall the application, then install that version of the application. Also, please make sure that you disable any antivirus or firewall software when installing the application, just to be sure that doesn't interfere. Looking forward to receiving your response. Regards, Wes Outfox Support
  14. rocket league

    Hey ericsavage19, We haven't run into this issue when playing Rocket League. Just out of curiosity, are using a VPN or anything in conjunction with Outfox? Also, what Outfox server are you using? are you manually selecting one or using the 'fastest'? Does the issue persist if you refresh your network? 1. Unplug power cables from modem and router 2. Wait 30 seconds, plug modem in 3. Wait 30 seconds, plug router in 4. Wait 30 seconds, network is now refreshed. Look forward to hearing back from you! Cheers, Wes Outfox Support
  15. Hey bbausa1203, I know I haven't ran into that issue myself when playing Overwatch. Just out of curiosity, are using a VPN or anything in conjunction with Outfox? Also, what Outfox server are you using? are you manually selecting one or using the 'fastest'? Look forward to hearing back from you! Cheers, Wes Outfox Support