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  1. I haven't found a fix myself, but if you're willing to experiment. Try removing all your mods and moving or clearing your TF2's autoexec file
  2. I was able to send it through the provided email. You should be able to download it from there
  3. I did uninstall it, but the logs are still there. I tried to attach it but it doesn't allow for .log file types
  4. Yeah, I've tested it without OutFox and it launched just fine. I think I'm just gonna uninstall it. I might reinstall it once it comes out of beta. Mostly because this is just way to much work to lower my ping in a game where I already have decent ping and a game I rarely play anymore. Nevermind the fact that the only game you support that I have is TF2
  5. So as soon as I installed OpenFox and ran TF2 I got a BSOD with the stop code bad_pool_caller. I have windows 10 64bit GPU:980ti CPU:4790k No OC RAM: 16g 2133 ddr3