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  1. Then I am signed up to reply/report/review when its real!
  2. Completely signed up for this if I see WoW added.
  3. wow

    Yeah I realize that but it was said about almost a year ago in a deleted/removed post the same thing. Does Outfox have a timeline they can give? I really would love to help test it. I am a 10+ year veteran/beta player. I would be an awesome candidate + I am a tech NERD! Overclocker and enthusiast. 4.8ghz on a 4790K Intel @ 1.28v. 64C in aida64 with a all in one water cooler should say a lot.
  4. wow

    I was wondering and had saw a previous question that now appears deleted... that was asking if support for World of Warcraft would be available? I already get a "decent" ping of 36-46ms but would love to see faster pings. I know it's my ISP's routing causing the ping to be high. I believe all of their servers are in New York and I am in Oregon. I am sure if routing was improved through this program I could yield way better pings and behaviors. I am willing to perform a full review if this is an improvement to my setup. Again, I am a enthusiast/geek and I have really good hardware and I have spent nearly 4000$ on my PC to get it where it is today.