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  1. @u3371380 Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the upgrade. If you haven't done so already, please try fully uninstalling the previous version of Outfox, then restart your computer before installing the most recent version. You may also want to right-click and choose the option to install as administrator as well. If you still have trouble connecting to a game, please send us your log files and we can offer further assistance via email.
  2. @asdcomputing At this time the system is working as intended for you; we do not currently limit the number of PCs you can use with your login. That said, adding those limitations is something we are considering for the future.
  3. Hey @cj_carpio , Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Discord and Outfox. Can you tell us a little more about what's happening so we can better assist? Do you receive a specific error message when you attempt to connect? If so, what is the error? Any screenshots you can provide demonstrating the issue would be most helpful for helping us narrow down the cause. Is this happening with all Discord servers or a specific one? Is this happening with all Outfox servers or a specific one? Are you able to connect if you load the applications in a different order, or does the order not appear to matter? Thank you in advance for your answers! Cheers, Katherine
  4. @gordon.smith Please try the steps provided in this guide for the service error: https://www.getoutfox.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124-troubleshooting-service-error/ If the instructions in the above forum post do not work, you may need to manually stop the service. Then, simply re-launch the program and see if the service will automatically launch itself.
  5. Hey @dom.ye Sorry to hear you're running into this issue. At this time we've noticed that reloading the application resolves the difficulty with the loading screen. However, we are working to prevent it from happening at all. If possible, can you send us your Outfox log files so we can further investigate the cause? Here's how you can find your log files and share them with us. Find the log files for your session at the following directory paths: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log %AppData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\OutfoxUI.log Open File Explorer (Win 8/10), also called Windows Explorer (Win 7). Click in the field at the top that displays what directory you are in. It is the longer field to the left of the Search bar. Enter the Outfox directory in this format: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox (Do this for both paths) Press Enter. Locate the Outfox.log and OutfoxUI.log files in their respective folders. You can email the log files to us directly at support@getoutfox.com
  6. Hey @navarro135 ! Much of the time this issue with voice chat on Discord can be resolved by adding an Inbound and Outbound rule for Outfox.exe in your local firewall to allow it through.
  7. @rokyiatot, Mineski Infinity is an internet cafe, is this correct? If so, there may be Admin privileges which are required on Internet Cafe computers to download and install the software. You may need to speak with the proprietor regarding the installation of software on their machines.
  8. @sameerichigo, We can certainly take a closer look at the cause. Could you provide us with a screenshot of the application when this happens and would you be willing to supply us with your Outfox log files for further investigation? You don't need to post them publically, we can receive them from you via email. I can provide instructions if you'd like to continue that way.
  9. Hey @mvgjac That certainly shouldn't be happening. Can you tell us what graphics card you are using? Are there any recent manufacturer updates for the card, and if there are any, do you still experience the RSoD after you update? Any additional information about the specific error code you receive on screen would be extremely helpful to us narrowing down the cause as well. Edit: In addition, can you please email us your Outfox log files to support@outfox.com? Find the log file for your session at the following directory: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log Open File Explorer (Win 8/10), also called Windows Explorer (Win 7). Click in the field at the top that displays what directory you are in. It is the longer field to the left of the Search bar. Enter the Outfox directory in this format: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox Press Enter. Locate the Outfox.log file and attach it to your email to us.
  10. bad_pool_caller

    Hey @sebastian0919, We are currently gathering information about this error and investigating a solution. I am going to email you directly with some details and we'll be able to further assist you from there. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see my email in your inbox, but please let me know if you don't receive it at all and I can re-send it.
  11. Hey @ghostofdarkness92 Sorry you're having login issues. I see your account is active and confirmed so you should be able to login like normal. Please make sure the Outfox App is not being blocked by any antivirus software or firewalls. If this is a fresh installation of the application, try rebooting and then try to login again. Otherwise, resetting your password to something new for good measure could help you out. Let me know if you still have trouble and we can take it from there.
  12. Hey @gyorimate1297 To clarify, did the steps Logan provide regarding restarting the service not work, or did you also attempt to install the Visual C++ Redistributable files as recommended by Wes as well?
  13. Hola @hibbes200 Lamentamos que esté experimentando este problema. Veo que actualmente tiene una solicitud de soporte abierta con nosotros para este problema. En breve le enviaremos un correo electrónico con alguna información adicional y sugerencias para ayudar a investigar este asunto. ¡Gracias por su paciencia!
  14. @leoxie890926 Hey there! I've located your support request and am going to reach out to you via email to protect your privacy. Thanks for your patience!
  15. @prefinem Thank you for sending the log files, we did receive them. We'll investigate further and get back to you with our findings as soon as possible.