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  1. Hi all, We are indeed currently looking into adding Realm Royale as the next game for Outfox. We need to begin testing to determine if it will be viable and what type of improvement we can expect to see. I assume right now that it will be similar to Paladins (I could be wrong ). I will post updates to threads as soon as I can. Thanks, Keegan Discord: @Strawdog#0101
  2. Hey @TrufflesQ, If payment fails we allow up to a week to resolve it without expiring the account. I'll message you in Discord with more details. Thanks, Keegan
  3. @aaronjgoodrich Hello! Firstly, thank you for your feedback. As I understand, you are disappointed that Outfox does not yet support World of Warcraft. I can tell you that it is not for a lack of "want" on our part, but it is impacted by a typical release schedule. So, what's taking so long? We have to write an entirely new connection process which is a joint project between application dev, backend dev, and operations dev. Our original scope was only to capture UDP based traffic, the most common type of traffic in games, and WoW and other MMOs still utilize TCP, so we had to architect and develop a whole new connection engine to support WoW and other MMOs. We've been focused on it, and right now it's currently in development and we will find a way to deliver on it, it's just taking a bit longer than we might've initially anticipated. As far as what we've delivered in the product since beta, product development is and will continue to be in full cycle. We've been releasing application and backend updates regularly, including: -Session graph -Real time network analytics -Desktop Notifications -Task Tray utilization -UI updates -Multi-ingress servers (Outfox servers that utilize connections from multiple tier 1 carriers) -New games, new Outfox servers If you have been charged and have not used the service, please open a ticket through live chat or by e-mail at and we will be happy to assist. Thanks and best regards, Keegan
  4. @laimiss91 Thanks for the info- this only happens when you are using Outfox? If you disable Outfox, do you see the same DDOS protection setting get triggered? I'm not sure if this is this cause of tripping DDOS warnings, but it's possible that when Outfox starts making the fastest server decision and the application pings all the Outfox sites, the high rate of pings that are sent might be something that the router identifies as a potential symptom of DDOS traffic. It's definitely not unsafe or harmful, but obviously it is an issue if your DDOS protection blocks your computer from the internet. You might be able to prevent the DDOS warning by reducing the number of pings that your Outfox application performs, by manually selecting a server in the Outfox setting server list (not using Fastest Server), or by temporarily disabling the DDOS protection on the router and testing like that. Also, I can safely say it's something that we haven't seen users report before to my knowledge, so I apologize for not having a more direct answer.
  5. @laimiss91 Can you provide some more information about what you are seeing? What security tool is making that report and is there any debug/diagnostic information provided?
  6. @CloudFox Thanks for the feedback. It certainly has been on our radar to support streaming game services as they are incredibly latency-sensitive. So, support for these type of services would be ensuring that the most optimal route is taken to the remote servers where the game instance is being hosted. Some early looks at these services indicated that may require the capability to capture and route TCP traffic, which we do not currently support, but it is in development on our side. Once we achieve that, we will start to re-investigate what support for streaming game services might look like. Thanks for the list and the suggestion- it's much appreciated! -Keegan
  7. Hello @cswilliams93, Thanks for trying Outfox! To answer some of your questions- the trial is the full experience, it does work, and we aim to provide a connection through the Outfox endpoint that gives the lowest ping. The ping values shown in the Outfox app and in the game (ie Overwatch) can vary depending on how the game/Blizzard reports the latency. If Outfox is connected, it is routing your traffic through the fastest identified Outfox endpoint. There have been some concerns about being banned from competitive play, but we have not received any real reports. Nevertheless, we do thorough testing on our end and haven't seen any instances of banning. If and when we do receive real reports of banning as a result of Outfox, we will address them immediately. Let me know if you need anything else! -Keegan
  8. @p.holeci Thanks for your report! I would always recommend to try with the Fastest Server selection so that Outfox can automatically identify the Outfox endpoint with the best latency to the World of Tanks servers. It's hard to say for certain without some more information, however we can take a closer look at the routes. If you can find the log file at C:\ProgramData\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log and email it to, we will be happy to take a look to see if there are any recommendations we can make for server selection. Thanks! Keegan
  9. overwatch

    @yotam96 Yes! I was just about to post that we had updated the configuration for Overwatch to resolve the issue when I saw your post. Thank you for reporting that it has helped you!
  10. @TrufflesQ Currently, we being billing after the trial has been completed, so your account will automatically convert to a full active Outfox subscription on the trial end date (4/17). -Keegan
  11. @mhiehiecon Wow, thanks for sharing! We will always strive to give the best possible results and provide the best gaming optimized network out there. We are already working hard on a lot of improvements and we can see how a Philippines server performs as well.
  12. @hakimaadl Thanks for your post. As I understand, you sometimes experience lag spikes playing Rainbow 6 with Outfox (and when you experience the lag spike, you see higher-than-normal bandwidth used by the Outfox service). When do you experience the lag spikes; is it when Rainbow 6 first starts or during live gameplay sessions? The traffic that is associated with the Outfox service in netlimiter should only be the traffic that is identified to be captured for R6. There are some data events but they should be very minimal. I am not certain what is causing the lag spikes, but if you can reach out to with the two following log files, we will investigate further. Open File Explorer and copy/paste these paths in the address bar to access the log files: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log %AppData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\OutfoxUI.log
  13. @markwes Thank you, great suggestion! I'm sure our own @Cody will like to see this!
  14. @benberens Hi! Thanks for checking out Outfox, we change our endpoints sometimes but this is what we currently offer. The closest locations to Sweden are most likely Frankfurt DE, Amsterdam NL, St. Ghislain BE, or London UK. -Amsterdam, NL -Ashburn, US -Atlanta, US -Austin, US -Bangkok, TH -Buenos Aires, AR -Changhua, TW -Charleston, US -Chicago, US -Columbus, US -Dallas, US -Denver, US -Des Moines, US -Dublin, IE -Frankfurt, DE -Hong Kong, HK -Honolulu, US -Houston, US -Lima, PE -London, UK -Los Angeles, US -Medellin, CO -Mexico City, MX -Miami, US -Montreal, CA -New Jersey, US -New York City, US -Oregon, US -Osaka, JP -Rio de Janeiro, BR -San Francisco, US -Santiago de Chile, CL -Sao Paulo, BR -Seattle, US -Seoul, KR -Shanghai, CN -Singapore, SG -St. Ghislain, BE -Sydney, AU -Tokyo, JP -Toronto, CA -Vancouver, CA
  15. @asdasd Thank you for your post! I'm glad to hear you have seen some improvement with your connection through Outfox with PUBG. Your feedback is really awesome given the state of PUBG and the issues that some players face, and I think it's definitely something that Outfox would want to help users with. As is, we make the decision to connect to Outfox when using Fastest Server at the time that the game tells us where the server is for the PUBG match, and this makes it so that Outfox gets the fastest connection to the match. We might be able to add an Outfox connection to matchmaking but then it might cause you to disconnect from the match or result in a slower connection to the match. So we will probably need some time to consider what solutions we can present to the user. In the mean time, if you want to reference this post to anyone who is facing the same issue so that they can give a "+ 1", please do! Thank you, Keegan