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  1. With Outfox and Fortnite closed. -and then enter to creative and then to your mode. -If you cant enter to your creative, try and try with join to a creative of a friend. And when you enter to the game, you will capable of enter to you normal mode. -Other metod, Open outfox when you are already in the game.
  2. Outfox does not connect to Fortnite, does not even enter the game. Apparently the game loads, outfox connects, but then outfox disconnects and the game returns to the lobby. Solution: "free up space" on the disk.
  3. The new Anticheat of Riot for Valorant, Vanguard, makes outfox not work. I discover this from Exit Vanguard after days having outfox errors in my other games. So I know that the error is not outfox but Vanguard, so if the bug reports were up recently that can be the reason, Just exit Vanguard make work again.