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  1. @crazyocod, sorry to hear Outfox has been slowing down your connection! Given you already have quite good internet connection, it does get a little more difficult at those speeds to consistently provide faster speeds. Using the fastest server option, you shouldn't experience slower speeds as Outfox should default to your internet connection if it is faster. However, looking at your first screenshot, it looks like what happened is that Outfox started out just barely faster, which is why Outfox went with using the Outfox connection rather than your standard one. This does happen on occasion but shouldn't be frequent. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong per se but my advice would be to continue using it with the fastest server option - Outfox calculates the speed to all the available server locations so you are much more likely to get a faster connection doing this rather than selecting a manual server. Unfortunately, there's no way to truly replicate the exact conditions of one game session because there are so many variables when it comes to ping. This is why we provide the 2 week trial so you can see if it works for you before committing. Let us know if you have any other questions!
  2. @villchur sorry to hear that! will send you a private message to see if we can resolve this.
  3. @villchur Thanks for providing that information! This appears to be a UI (user interface) bug in displaying the connection speed, rather than an indication that the service actually stopped. In most cases, if your connection is disrupted, you'd also experience a notification or interruption in the game, similar to the type of interruption you'd see if you turned your internet off and back on. I'll create a bug ticket for our dev team to review this and in the meantime, please let me know if you continue to experience this issue even after reinstalling.
  4. @villchur Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear Outfox is working at least some of the time! If you contact our support team through email or chat (, they can look at your specific account details and walk you through getting log files to help troubleshoot the issue. One question I had that would be helpful for them as well - when you say it "flatlined", does that mean you were disconnected from your game? What happened in that situation?
  5. @manuelbrooks50 glad to hear it!!
  6. @dinojenifer2018 sorry to hear that! please reach out to our technical support team via email or chat ( and they will help you!
  7. @atomicninja62 Thanks for the suggestion! It's not currently on our list this year, but will definitely look into this for January!
  8. @vijaymahajan370 Sounds like you may posted in the wrong forum! Outfox only supports PC games, and we do not support Stadia/mobile games. Good luck!
  9. @jacktranscend sorry to hear that. You should not have any issues with Wifi while using Outfox. Please reach out to our support team through chat or email and they can work with you to troubleshoot (
  10. @timroemeling Please contact our support team ( via email or chat and they can do more investigation into why this might be happening.
  11. @IamBishwas please contact support through email or chat so they can work with you on your account specifically.
  12. Hola @72057215. ¿Puede aclarar: Outfox no reconoce la sesión de Fortnite o está reconociendo a Fortnite pero no usa la conexión de Outfox? Si reconoce Fortnite pero no usa la conexión de Outfox, esto se debe a que Outfox solo usa su conexión cuando es más rápida que su conexión estándar con la opción Servidor más rápido.
  13. @jake.bellamy12 sorry to hear outfox is not working for you all the time! Please send an email or chat to our support team here ( When you send them a message it will help to clarify the following: - What game(s) are you playing where this is happening? - When you say Outfox isn't letting you join the servers, do you mean that Outfox does not recognize that you've entered into a match? Or it does recognize it, but it is using your standard connection instead of the Outfox one? This will help our support team better understand what is going on and walk you through troubleshooting!
  14. Gracias por su sugerencia. Actualmente no tenemos Hunt Showdown en nuestros planes este año, ¡pero lo tendremos en cuenta para el futuro!
  15. There are lots of factors that determine ping so the fastest server for you on one day is not necessarily going to be consistent on another day. That's why we offer the Fastest Server option - this calculates the fastest route to the game server right when you're connecting to a match so you get the fastest connection possible.