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  1. Hola @72057215. ¿Puede aclarar: Outfox no reconoce la sesión de Fortnite o está reconociendo a Fortnite pero no usa la conexión de Outfox? Si reconoce Fortnite pero no usa la conexión de Outfox, esto se debe a que Outfox solo usa su conexión cuando es más rápida que su conexión estándar con la opción Servidor más rápido.
  2. @jake.bellamy12 sorry to hear outfox is not working for you all the time! Please send an email or chat to our support team here ( When you send them a message it will help to clarify the following: - What game(s) are you playing where this is happening? - When you say Outfox isn't letting you join the servers, do you mean that Outfox does not recognize that you've entered into a match? Or it does recognize it, but it is using your standard connection instead of the Outfox one? This will help our support team better understand what is going on and walk you through troubleshooting!
  3. Gracias por su sugerencia. Actualmente no tenemos Hunt Showdown en nuestros planes este año, ¡pero lo tendremos en cuenta para el futuro!
  4. There are lots of factors that determine ping so the fastest server for you on one day is not necessarily going to be consistent on another day. That's why we offer the Fastest Server option - this calculates the fastest route to the game server right when you're connecting to a match so you get the fastest connection possible.
  5. @aaronmwelborn Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you like the clean look, and I agree that some optionality around whether the window is minimized or not would be helpful. I'll make a note of it for our roadmap.
  6. @ricardocamposmatias9 Gracias por tu solicitud. Esto no está actualmente en nuestra lista para apoyar este año, ¡pero lo consideraremos para el futuro!
  7. Hi @timothyfinntf303. Glad to hear Outfox is helping you sometimes! There are many factors that go into improving gaming connection, and number of hops is just one of those factors. Think of us as Waze for gaming traffic. Sometimes a longer route may be faster if the shortest route is more congested. This is why we have the Fastest Server option, which calculates the many routes we have available to identify the fastest path. You can read a little more about this in this blog post:
  8. @zeck8541 Sorry to hear we were not able to resolve your issues. There are a lot of factors that go into routing game traffic and improving connection speed, and unfortunately, we can't control them all. That said, we're always making improvements to our app. Keep up on our updates through Discord ( and hopefully we'll see you again in the future!
  9. @nieremarkmarino Sorry to hear you are struggling with Outfox! I can assure you being a paid user does not affect the service in any way. There are lots of factors that can affect Outfox; I'd suggest contacting our support team via email or chat so they can walk you through specific troubleshooting steps. In your communication with them, it will help to include the game(s) you are playing when experiencing this issue:
  10. @leolelecosoares Please contact support through email or chat with your account information and they will walk you through troubleshooting steps.
  11. @matteorglolix Contact our support team through email or chat and they will be able to walk you through troubleshooting for this issue:
  12. Hey @zeck8541, good to know that you have selected fastest server. In the example you provided, it does look like Outfox and your standard connection are pretty close at the start of the session. It seems like what happened in this one case is that when Outfox made the decision to select a server at the start of your session, the Outfox connection was faster, but then your standard connection improved throughout the game session. This sometimes happens since we cannot account for the stability of your standard connection and Outfox only has a short amount of time to do the calculations when connecting to a game session. However, if it is happening consistently that the Outfox connection is slower, it may be an indicator that something else is going on. In this case, I'd suggest reaching out to our support team via email or chat and they can walk you through some additional steps to troubleshoot:
  13. Hi @zeck8541, Sorry to hear you're not having a good experience with Outfox. To address your concerns: 1. We get this question a lot! Ping is a calculated value and there isn't really one way that is standardized. There will always be a difference between in-game ping and Outfox ping (or any other program you might use to measure ping). You can read more in our blog post here: 2. Are you using the Fastest Server option or have you selected Des Moines for the Outfox server manually? This may be one reason it is slower as manually selecting the server will "override" the Fastest Server option. I also noticed that your connection at the start of the session is very close to Outfox's. It's rare, but it can sometimes happen that Outfox makes its decision on which connection to use, and then the standard connection improves after that point. Outfox does not switch connections mid-session because doing so would disrupt the game. You can also read more about that here: My suggestion would be to make sure you are connected to the Fastest Server option and try a few sessions. If you are still seeing that the Outfox connection is not helping, you can also reach out to our support team via email or chat and they can walk you through some additional steps to troubleshoot:
  14. @makab21774 Sorry to hear that! If you tried John's suggestion above and are still experiencing the issue, please contact our Support team through email or chat so they can work with your specific case:
  15. @nieremarkmarino Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue! If you end up having to continually restart Outfox via services, it'd be great if you reach out to support with your log files since that might indicate a bigger problem. Otherwise, enjoy playing!