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  1. Hey, FIFA 20 fanatics - it's time to build your dream squad. We’re excited to announce that Outfox supports the ultimate soccer video game. So don’t miss out on the action for one second. Pick your players, select your gear and get out there and win! Not tried Outfox for a while? It’s the optimized gaming network that prevents jitter, reduces lag, lowers ping and increases speed. So game with Outfox today, and let us know what you think!
  2. How will you evade Entity? Hey, Dead by Daylight gamers, if you want to survive and avoid being sacrificed, you need to play with Outfox. Yes, you heard it right, Outfox now supports Dead by Daylight. It’s the best way to game if you want a great, no-lag connection. So don’t waste another second. If you want to avoid those meathooks, you have to play Dead by Daylight with Outfox! We love feedback. Let us know how Outfox is working for you!
  3. Hey, gamers! We didn’t waste a nanosecond getting Outfox ready for Valorant. And now we’re excited to announce that Outfox does for sure support this game! Our testers have been hard at work ensuring you a no-lag, quick-connecting gaming experience. So go forth as Phoenix, Raze or whoever your fave character is. (We confess, we’re partial to Viper. Those of you who use our VPN will get this.) Remember, Outfox is the optimized gaming network solution that eliminates lag, ping and latency issues. Gamers around the globe say it enhances performance. Getting going with Valorant is super easy. Just relaunch Outfox, launch Valorant and enter a match to connect automatically. So choose your character, your skin and your weapon. Valorant is ON.