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  1. Please add a new feature to start the application in the background only. I really like the clean look of the desktop, but your application is the only one that shows a window on startup. Please implement a new feature to startup the application in the notification tray only. The app doesn't even show relevant information when it starts so there is no need to show a window on startup.
  2. I think two features would be good additions to your application. Manually Disable This can include for certain amounts of time or maybe disable for certain games but there is a lack of customization toward enabling and disabling at will. Auto-login at startup I feel like this shouldn't have to be a requested feature. It's pretty inconvenient to have to login every time you restart your computer, especially because it's difficult to remember all of your passwords. I have had to look up my password literally every time the app starts up, and it has made me not even want to use it at times. Make it so where the app will auto log you in when you open it up.