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  1. Hello, Since the 1.12 patch with World of Tanks, Outfox is no longer working. When attempting to log in to the game, the "Connecting" screen stalls and then stops with a result from the game client that the server does not respond. If I close Outfox from the taskbar and attempt to log in to the game (any server) without Outfox running, the game connects and logs in with no problems. Multiple attempts to log in with Outfox running on any of the servers, it will not connect even though Outfox shows that it has established a connection with a % of improvement, it will not fully log in to the game. It is as if the servers recognize that the connection is being routed and denies a log in of the game client.
  2. I understand that. However, when attempting to log in, and remaining stuck at the "loading" screen even after following your steps to restart the services, it means that I am paying for a service which I have no access to.
  3. Followed the suggested steps to restart the app and close/restart services. Tired of it not working and tired of paying for an unstable app. Let me know when you develop an app that isn't so unstable and maybe I'll come back.
  4. I am allowing the app to chose the server. I have not manually selected any server. The app is set to automatically use the fastest server. Yet, that doesn't explain why the app is telling me that I am getting between a -8% and -20% "improvement".
  5. I installed your app as a trial to see if it would improve my ping rates for games. It seem that it actually makes it worse. I have two complaints. 1. It will either report that it's doing a far better job that it actually is, because it will report that it is improving the ping rate, when it actually isn't changing it at all. 2. It will actually make the ping worse than if I were not using the app at all.