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  1. That is awesome! So happy that we can help, and feel free to join our discord and share your experience and Fortnite BR highlights We can still learn a lot!
  2. @mhiehiecon Epic does have an official stance on VPNs here: However, as Outfox is not a VPN server this is not applicable. We are not encrypting any of your traffic just routing your traffic over new/faster routes to your destination. I hope that helps!
  3. Yes, please! I love the Darwin Project and have been playing it since early Alpha. @markwes Thank you for interest in bringing this game to Outfox!
  4. @jadenslone we go into detail on how Outfox works and more here:
  5. @sportortv Agreed, they are changing what people should be thinking a Tripple A MOBA should be. Paragon is a MOBA with no compromises, great gameplay and amazing visuals! Who is your favourite Hero?
  6. There are a few options for this issue You can try to send it in a Zip folder, but if it is too big, feel free to open the log file and past the last few events with the discord issue into a new text file. If you want you can: 1. open the windows Services app 2. stop the Outfox service 3. Close outfox 4. Delete the Outfox.log 5. Start the Outfox service 6. Start Outfox 7. Replicate the issue quickly 8. Then send the new log file. or PM me on discord with the log:
  7. @navarro135 Sorry about that, can you send them to in an email with a short description of your issue. From there I can take a look at what the app is doing when you have discord running. Thank you!
  8. @navarro135 That is very interesting as Outfox does not handle any traffic unless a supported game process is running in the background. I would love to take a look at your Outfox.log after this issue occurs. Can you please replicate this issues, then open your %programdata% locate the Outfox folder, and send us the Outfox.log. You can follow the screenshots below: This will help us understand if the application is correctly handling the Discord traffic. Thank you again!
  9. @navarro135 Thank you for that information, and I apologize that this issue continues. As an advent Discord user myself I can only imagine how frustrating it is to not have the means to communicate efficiently. What games do you play that we support, and you are experiencing the issue with all of them? I see that you play PUBG with our service, and I would like to extend the offer to play a few games and walk through the issue. This will help me understand your experience better! If you are interested you can PM me from our discord server here: FYI, I am one of the best PUBG players in office Thank you again for helping us understand and work towards a resolution to this issue!
  10. @navarro135 We are then happy to assist you with setting up firewall rules to try and resolve this issue. However, if you are able to reproduce this issues constantly I would like to take this opportunity to better understand what is happening! So that we can better understand this issue, we will need to see what traffic is being dropped when Outfox is running. to do this we will need to enable the Logging of Dropped packets on your firewall. To do this please perform the following steps: (Steps to help us better understand this issue) 1. Open your start menu and locate the Command Prompt. 2. Right-click the Command Prompt app and select Run as administrator. 3. In the windows type: netsh firewall set logging droppedpackets = enable 4. Click enter and you will see the following: 5. Start Outfox, Discord, and you supported game 6. Once you have replicated the issues gather the following logs a. pfirewall.log - Located in: %windir%\system32\logfiles\firewall b. Outfox.log - Located in: C:\ProgramData\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox 7. once you have this information attach it to your next response. (How to setup Firewall rules) In an attempt to resolve issues with Discord and Outfox you can perform the following steps. 1. Access your Windows Control Panel. 2. Under "System and Security" open select "Windows Firewall" 3. On the left-hand side select "Advanced settings" 4. In Advanced settings, right-click "Inbound Rules" and select "New Rule..." 5. Select "Program", and click Next 6. Select "This program path" then click "Browse..." 7. navigate to C:\Program Files\Outfox\ui 8. Select OutfoxUI.exe and click Next 9. Select "Allow the connection" and click Next 10. Make sure all Profiles are selected and click Next 11. Name your new rule (example: Outfox Inbound) 12. repeat steps 4-11 with "Outbound Rules" Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues after setting up these rules and restarting your device! Thank you again for your time and understanding, and I do apologize for the long post!
  11. @yukito.yukaza Thanks for the interest in Outfox, and I am happy to say that Paladins and many other games are currently under investigation and review. However, not every game is built the same and supporting them can take time. We are working diligently to support a wide variety of games for our customers. With this, comes the knowledge that will allow the Outfox team to support more games in less time moving forward. I too am a huge fan of Paladins and the presents their team has created in the eSports industry. I can not wait until we can support all the Champions playing from all over the world, and the one in the office here! @yakasanak04 Who is you favorite Champion? Mine is, of course, Boom King
  12. @rahmanadel619 You are not the only one affected by this. from my experience, due to the seemingly random match making you are always paired with people outside your region. This can really affect a majority of the player in a match, or the match as a whole, due to Hi-Rez's poor latency mitigation. I hope that we can support this game soon to help all the Realms!
  13. @asdcomputing Great input and I can not agree more! I think the accessibility and seemingly level playing ground that PUBG places its players, will keep it on the top of the Battle Royal charts for some time. But, I will say it does have some competitors not too far off. I have had the great privilege to participate in the closed Alpha of The Darwin Project. I have to say it is one of the most fleshed out Battle Royal games that I have had the pleasure of playing in recent memory, even at its current stage of development. I am not saying that it would ever topple PUBG, but with all the interest in the BR genre, we may see a shift in a large number of players to new games with different mechanics.
  14. It has been made clear since the release of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS(PUBG) that it is time for a refresh in the FPS genre. With over 4 million copies sold in only 4 months and over taking Grand Theft Auto V as the third most played game on the Steam market place today, it is hard not to catch the attention to many Tripple-A developers and publishers. One Tripple-A publisher, in particular, has recently spoken out about the huge success that is PUGB. In a recent earnings call, the game publishing company, Ubisoft had addressed questions about PUBG, and its influence and impact on Ubisoft's current FPS titles. In an interesting response to this question, we hear remarks of the interest in the game play style and the possible inclusion future DLCs. I can personally say that PUBG is a tonne of fun and the most polished when it comes to current Battle Royal games available today. Personally, I think the inclusion of this to current games like Rainbow Six Seige would not bode well, as they were not created with the intent of having 100 players in a match. That being said Ubisoft shouldn't be discouraged from taking and innovating on the Battle Royal game style. Games like Dishonoured or the Division could be a great platform to start, as they already have large online comunities and level designs. I am interested to hear what you think of Ubisoft's interest in PUBG, and if there are any games you would like to see with this game type added!