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  1. Hello there, Unfortunately I've been getting more errors and the app has stopped working once again. The graph showed static connection and after closing the app it came up with an error. I'll try to send a ticket when I find the time like you suggested @Jes K In the meantime, here are two most recent screenshots of this issue before and after closing.
  2. Like you can see on the screenshots. The graph shows both connections as flat lines. To me, that means the service stopped working cause of an error in the application. I continued playing normally, so don't know if I was still connected through Outfox servers or it reverted to the original route.
  3. Here's another session, this time on EU3. Flatlined again. Have to reinstall. I'm considering subscribing to the service, but if this keeps happening then I don't think I will commit. Can anyone give me information on a possible fix? Is the team working on this issue? EDIT: The app started working again after rebooting the system.
  4. Hello there, Here's my feedback. The app seems to be working some of the time. Sometimes, the service just stops working, most likely to the app bugging out. My first session was a -9% improvement over 1,5hours, after which the connection flatlined and I had to do a reinstall. I have two screenshots for the 2nd and 3rd session. On servers EU1 and EU2, the EU2 session flatlined again, luckily, just at the end of my playtime and I will have to reinstall again. I hope this service keeps growing, cause it shows potential and I will continue uploading my personal feedback and sharing my results if it helps.