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  1. Yeah me too
  2. Since when did this problem occur for you? For me it started the night before the latest patch.
  3. So I tried it on the North America Server as well and the same thing happened. Seems like it's the same for other servers as well.
  4. Ah, okay. Will get back to you
  5. Garena servers are close to my location and I should get low ping but I'm getting high ping for which I downloaded Outfox. I'd be getting high ping in non-Garena servers ideally too, so to speak.
  6. Disabling the antivirus and firewall did nothing, same issue. I tried other servers on Garena too but the same thing happened, connection stops after 5 minutes. And non-Garena servers wouldn't do anything because they are far away from my location and Outfox wouldn't be able to do anything anyway.
  7. I tried almost everything. I tried specifying the server to Singapore 1 and 2, and then "Fastest Server" but the same issue persists. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that too doesn't seem to fix the problem. The connection stops at exactly 5th minute mark with a difference of few seconds, give or take as if there was a time limit of some sort.
  8. I play league of legends on Garena (Singapore Server) and I recently started getting high ping - 180ms whereas I used to get 60 a week ago so I decided to try Outfox. I do not have a subscription and I'm using the free trial just to see if it really works. When I connect with outfox it gives me 65 ping for the first 5 minutes and works smoothly, But as soon as the connection timer hits the 5 minute mark, my game suddenly freezes and displays the message, "Attempting to reconnect". When I close the game and reopen it, the connection timer starts again and the same thing happens, works fine for till 5 minutes then suddenly stops working.