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  1. one more, using razer blade stealth, windows 10 when using and close outfox, it seems outfox will consume CPU or RAM resources, kind of memory leak? cause system very slow, need to reboot to back to normal
  2. More feedbacks Play dota 2 - use choose best, will use dollars server, but actually very slow with very high ping - Same as using JP, SG server - located in TW only use HK server is "just ok" to play, server ping is around 80~100, still little bit high
  3. Hi Logan, Thanks, and LOL in Asia, we play over Garena platform instead, so that's why I have this question. https://lol.garena.tw/preindex
  4. 1. I tried today with dota 2, and sometimes its hard to login dota2 network (for auto server selection, its selects USA server, and I am located in Taiwan) 2. when I log out this tool, and hard to login again. 3. dont know how to stop a session and change serrver 4. is Garena LOL be supported ? Thanks.