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  1. I'm going to have to remember from almost two years ago, but if I recall correctly this was a bug in a third-party library that we use for hooking into the network stack on the Windows operating system. This bug was eventually fixed within the 3rd party library and the Outfox 1.1 update provided that fix.
  2. @Cody Transfer to The Shadowlands -- if you're playing Imperial I can hook you up with a very large and active guild. Also, there are no such things as PVP servers anymore. All servers are PVE/PVP combinations where you can select between the two. Open world PVP is mostly dead -- until they merge the servers into one single mega server. That said, it is fun to always play in the PVP instance when you're walking about the planets and finding that opposing faction guy not paying attention and... well you know what happens next!
  3. Just FYI to everyone affected by this -- a fix has been identified and we're hoping to get it fast-tracked as quickly as possible. It's a kernel driver, however, and that involves working with Microsoft for Windows 10 goodness. Stay tuned!
  4. A well built, global infrastructure is where we shine against our competition! We are a company with more than 20 years experience running global networks at the scale of hundreds of gigabits. It's one of the key strengths we have -- we can leverage this existing, global, massive network and server infrastructure to provide the Outfox service. Not only that, but we can build and deploy anywhere around the globe as needed; we can do it quickly because of our many years' experience. I'm glad you see the value in a well built global infrastructure for this type of product. We certainly agree! Please let us know if there are any other questions you might have!
  5. VAC

    @starfoxerer I have an idea for you to try. It doesn't sound like Outfox is being identified as a cheat, but it sounds like for some reason it's preventing the network communication back to the VAC services. If you're able to, here's what I'd like you to try: Try to play the game normally again. See what Outfox server is being used. Stop trying to play the game. Configure Outfox to use a different server. Try to play the game again, and record if it worked or if you get the same error. Configure Outfox to use another different server. Try to play the game again, and record if it worked or if you get the same error. Reply back with the three server locations and the results you saw! I'm looking to see if perhaps the VAC servers themselves have triggered some sort of threshold for requests from one of our server IP addresses and is now blocking requests from a single site. I will have our test department look into this as well. Thanks! MikeDoug
  6. Great timing as I just returned from my vacation as well! Do this: Play the game with Outfox running, then send your log file to the support team. I want to see what we see now that you have the 0.9.2 update from a couple of weeks ago. Another thing you can do for me is to collect the output from the following commands (while playing the game) at a cmd prompt. You open this prompt by pressing your Windows key, typing cmd , and pressing enter. Then type these commands: tasklist -v netstat -a -o Then you can select with your mouse all of the output of both commands; this should highlight all of it with a white highlight. Once you have it all selected, press enter. Now you can send me a private message and paste with Control-V to send me the output. Remember to be playing the game when you do these two commands. This information will help me see what the game might be doing differently on your system that is preventing us from seeing the traffic. Thanks for trying Outfox and thanks for helping with this!
  7. @Cocosí and @theiflord12350, we did an update last week that we believe may make the detection of Smite connections better. Can you verify that today you are both still having the same issues?
  8. @dewjim what server do you play on? I'm on The Shadowlands... SWTOR is an addiction I should probably see someone about.
  9. @Pod Karacz our operations team is actively evaluating where our customers are, what games they play, where those game servers are, and how do we improve the latency between the two sets. Improving the network performance is what we do, and we are working on our network to always ensure that we are getting every last millisecond for you. We have changes coming soon that are going to shave off even more time for virtually everybody using Outfox. You mention something about "running as admin" which I don't understand. The Outfox service already runs as administrator (it won't work if it doesn't!) and the User Interface should never need to run as administrator as it's just a view into the Outfox service and it's not actually doing any of the work. Please let me know if you're finding different behavior when you're running something as admin vs. not. You might need to test multiple times to make sure that things are actually working the way you think it is. Thank you for the great feedback, and I'm excited to hear you are getting such a huge help from Outfox!
  10. Yes, TCP support is still forthcoming. TCP is trickier because of the way we capture network traffic at the packet level. It's not just a matter of making a second TCP connection and reading/writing data between the two. Instead, we get to take care of some TCP stack fun. That said, we have a pretty good architecture designed up that I'm looking forward to seeing implemented. MikeDoug
  11. From a purely development angle, I will tell you that we have engineered our solution such that anything which can be platform independent already is. This will make future porting to other platforms much easier because we only have to implement a smaller subset of items for the new platform. The question is whether or not there is enough of a Mac user base looking for this type of solution... If you are, a Mac based gamer, "Like" the original post to show your support for this idea! Thanks! MikeDoug
  12. As the product matures, packet loss will become an important metric that we use to tune the network. Where we can take it into account today we do, and where we can in the future we will. All games will benefit from not having packet loss.
  13. Minecraft would be a wonderful addition! I actually know quite a few people who play Minecraft in my family too. Great suggestion, thanks! Also, not every game is on the list -- mention anything that you'd like to see us consider!
  14. Actually what I meant was would you find value even if you were forced to select an Outfox server location to use before playing CS:GO (instead of being able to use our normally-wonderful Fastest Server). The problem is that Fastest Server can't do good work if there is a steam authentication network connection first, and then there's a dozen P2P connections for the game. It's all crazy-like. I think down the road we'll be able to do some neat stuff to help make the server selection, but that's definitely a down-the-road type thing. Today I'm just curious on what you (and others!) think about games that require you to select an Outfox server location.
  15. This is definitely a topic we have discussed, and while we certainly are transporting your connection to a new IP address it is very different from the world of VPN. We will continue to discuss DDOS protection both for our gamers as well as for our own network, and as we do things to specifically target it, we'll definitely be talking about it!