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  1. login

    Hey, thanks for the fast response. Sent the log files.
  2. Hi there! Golden frog's fan here. Guys, I appreciate and respect all the work you have done. Been following your works since long time. Ok, here is the issue: I got an email to activate the account last night, but have not done anything and just pressed login on the desktop app. Didn't wait for the login to complete and had to leave my workstation and left the pc working. But I saw something loading in the background (games logos, some GUI elements). This morning I saw that I was logged out on the app. So I pressed on Login and got the message "Your Outfox account is not active". I opened my email and clicked on Activate link and got forwarded to a page that said your account was verified. That's it. I still get the "Your Outfox account is not active" login error. What should I do to get this resolved?
  3. Do not be arrogant.
    As the mountains have to cave in order to drink water from the river.