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Found 3 results

  1. Any plans to add support for WoW now that the new expansion is coming out? All the other Blizzard games are already supported.
  2. "Sorry, we don't have a timeline yet. It will likely be after our official launch out of beta. Right now we are heavily focused on improving performance for the games we already suppor..." This was the answer given almost a year ago, and even beta testing for Outfox and trying to help get the game World of Warcraft to load with Outfox. I am sorry but I think I'd like a refund. Figured you'd keep product development in full cycle. New features etc. But I somewhat feel lied to. No rhyme or reason why it can't be supported imho.
  3. wow

    I was wondering and had saw a previous question that now appears deleted... that was asking if support for World of Warcraft would be available? I already get a "decent" ping of 36-46ms but would love to see faster pings. I know it's my ISP's routing causing the ping to be high. I believe all of their servers are in New York and I am in Oregon. I am sure if routing was improved through this program I could yield way better pings and behaviors. I am willing to perform a full review if this is an improvement to my setup. Again, I am a enthusiast/geek and I have really good hardware and I have spent nearly 4000$ on my PC to get it where it is today.