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Found 4 results

  1. Hola, tengo un problema ya hace semanas y pasa que yo en Fortnite a la hora de querer usar Outfox y querer entrar a una partida no entro, e probado usar el Fastest Server y tampoco me entra a las partidas, Antes de que pasara este problema yo usaba el servidor de Outfox Sao Paolo Br 2 y funcionaba perfecto pero ahora no, y dependo mucho de Outfox ya que mi conexion a internet tiene un ruteo malo y cada vez que quiero jugar Fortnite en el servidor de Brasil voy a 150 de ping en cambio con outfox voy entre 60-60 de ping lo cual es jugable. porfavor si pueden arreglar este problema se agradeceria ya que dependo de Outfox para poder jugar. Gracias Hello, I have a problem for weeks and it happens that I in Fortnite when I want to use Outfox and want to enter a game I do not enter, I have tried using the Fastest Server and it does not enter games, Before this problem happened I used the Outfox server Sao Paolo Br 2 and it worked perfect but not now, and I depend a lot on Outfox since my internet connection has a bad routing and every time I want to play Fortnite on the Brazilian server I go 150 ping in change with outfox I go between 60-60 ping which is playable. Please if you can fix this problem it would be appreciated as I depend on Outfox to play. Thank you Aqui dejo Pruebas: Here I leave Evidence:
  2. as title described it is annoying bugs, reinstalling doesnt help, restarting outfox service also will make issue back in 10 minutes. also since this forum doesnt allow attach log file so i have to upload it to other file hosting.
  3. I really like the service, but for whatever reason I have to literally reinstall it after every match I play of PUBG. When i first launch outfox it works fine. I queue for a match, and it still works great. However once the match ends it continues to stay connected to pubg even if i exit the game. It shows no ping or anything just that I am playing pubg. If i play another match it just stays on the same screen saying im playing it without giving me any stats. The only fix I have found is to reinstall it every time. any solutions?
  4. Every time I try to start a game (PUBG or LoL) (passed the loby at this point) my PC crashes with BAD_POOL_CALLER error. This doesn't happen if Outfox isn't running. How can I fix this?