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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, So unfortunately I suffer from bad routing with my ISP (spectrum) to central CSGO servers. I play competitively on ESEA and noticed that outfox works when I connect to a server not using ESEA but as soon as I open my ESEA client and connect to a server, outfox doesn't work or do anything. Any work around for this? Outfox does seem to lower my ping to central servers when I just use the in game server browser in CSGO but I cannot get it to work when trying to connect to a server using the ESEA client. Any support plans / fix for this? Would love to subscribe if I could get this part of the program working! *UPDATE* So I downloaded a trial of wtfast to see if their program had the same issue. It did......BUT wtfast has the option to create a "custom game" with special launch perimeters. Tested it and what do you know? wtfast works with these settings! I have the game pointed at csgo.exe with the "run with launcher" set to my esea client. Work's 100 percent! just wtfast is so damn expensive I can't see myself spending $100.00 a year on it... Also in comparing non-esea servers outfox provides lower ping. Anyway getoutfox could implement something like this????
  2. Hello iam a user of outfox beta test if kindly add more games with csgo hoply thankfull
  3. Well I'm wondering if you can add csgo cuz csgo is the 2nd biggest online game rn as the daily player base ... and the servers in csgo are wrecked so we csgo players need help ... and some facebook games ... such as graal classic you can check it out cuz my ping is around 300 ms and I'm suffering when I challenge ppl in a 1v1 and there is a pc version which I really want u guys to include if u want more info about those dead facebook games hmu with all do respect <3 wish the application the best of luck
  4. This would be nice for comp. Title says it all.