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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, Just wanted to give my own experience so maybe you can do something better or fix whatever. I never really had a problem with ping, sometimes rarely I get into the hundred with R5 Siege and Rocket League. So I thought this could make me more stable etc. I noticed alot went wrong,.. For siege I cant even connect to the master server for Rocket League sometimes I can not connect at all while using OutFox, when I do connect I actually see I do worse with OutFox rather than without OutFox. I also notice my internet windows often go to Not Responding like every 30 sec for like a minute or two, videos, sometimes play audio but are stuck on a visual. I dont have a need for OutFox and the problems that come from it arent worth it even if it could help my Ping. I do not plan to buy or use OutFox anymore. I do not plan to send logs of anything, I see this is a semi common problem. It seems OutFox is tailored to people that have bad connections regularly and dont mind the not able to join things or crashing internet windows. I thank you for your Product I am sure it helps some people. I wish the player who advertised OutFox on his video was better at representing the product. Its sad that this product can only help some people.
  2. Hello, after having bought the HumbleBundle including 1 year of Outfox I put in the code and a valid credit card plus the other details and it still seems to say there was an error, after getting this email saying that my account was "purchased" I'm not to sure what to do.