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Found 2 results

  1. I'm disappointed by the lack of support for MMOs. These games are widely played and are negatively affected by latency. Many are just as competitive as the games currently supported by Outfox and require precise timing. I, and others, would be grateful if at least the following mmos were supported by Outfox: Elder Scrolls Online Final Fantasy XIV Black Desert Online EVE Online
  2. Hi I would like to submit a game network boost request for Final Fantasy XIV (official NA website: Its a MMORPG and its NA game servers are on the west coast of US so players on the east coast receive a pretty laggy connection (like over 150 pings or worse). Even wtfast can only be capable reducing the latency to around 140 ping so I am eager to seek a better boost service on it and I went here for ur guys' help. Best Regards