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Found 12 results

  1. Hola, tengo un problema ya hace semanas y pasa que yo en Fortnite a la hora de querer usar Outfox y querer entrar a una partida no entro, e probado usar el Fastest Server y tampoco me entra a las partidas, Antes de que pasara este problema yo usaba el servidor de Outfox Sao Paolo Br 2 y funcionaba perfecto pero ahora no, y dependo mucho de Outfox ya que mi conexion a internet tiene un ruteo malo y cada vez que quiero jugar Fortnite en el servidor de Brasil voy a 150 de ping en cambio con outfox voy entre 60-60 de ping lo cual es jugable. porfavor si pueden arreglar este problema se agradeceria ya que dependo de Outfox para poder jugar. Gracias Hello, I have a problem for weeks and it happens that I in Fortnite when I want to use Outfox and want to enter a game I do not enter, I have tried using the Fastest Server and it does not enter games, Before this problem happened I used the Outfox server Sao Paolo Br 2 and it worked perfect but not now, and I depend a lot on Outfox since my internet connection has a bad routing and every time I want to play Fortnite on the Brazilian server I go 150 ping in change with outfox I go between 60-60 ping which is playable. Please if you can fix this problem it would be appreciated as I depend on Outfox to play. Thank you Aqui dejo Pruebas: Here I leave Evidence:
  2. Hello OutFox isnt detecting my fortnite and I was wondering how to fix this
  3. Antes de instalarlo, yo podia jugar bien al fortnite (más o menos de 55 a 70 de ping). Pero luego de instalarse y usarlo, el juego me da picos de retraso cada uno y hay más de 100% de pérdida de paquetes. Si no usa el outfox, también me pasa esto, pero parece que siempre el programa está activado y antes de usarlo no me pasaba eso. Ademas el outfox cuando entro a una partida no funciona ya que mi ping es menor que el outfox pero lo peor es la pérdida de paquetes. Necesito ayuda porque yo quiero poder jugar bien.
  4. gamerequest

    Hey, it would be great if you guys could add support for Fortnite. Its Battleroyale mode is F2P and in EA with plenty of active players. The PVE mode also features multiplayer coop and would be a easy to support too. Kind regards MartPwnS
  5. For some reason it just seems to double my ping, i usually get around 20 - 29 ping but when I use Outfox it goes to 32 to 45 practicaly doubling it, Is this as I already get the best possible ping for my area? I just dont get it And if you are wondering why I want better ping than 20+ its because you have a waaaaaaaay bigger advantage with low low ping in fortnite
  6. Can you please add a server that connects to the new singapore server epicgames just added to fortnite? It would really be nice if you can do this. Thanks!
  7. We have packet loss while playing fortnite, isp says its not them, 0-10%. We found another program that removes the packet loss, but not sure on the legality, vpn. It works perfect. When using outfox I still get packet loss, does it have any features to remove packet loss? Our ping is never an issue.
  8. Hello, so basically what I do is I open outfox, and then I open Fortnite, and everything's good so far. I press "play" to join a game, and the game is stuck in the loading screen, but in outfox it shows that the session has started. after 2 minutes it kicks me to the lobby (from the loading screen) and I get "network connection lost" error. then I closed outfox and I joined a game without any problems. Please help? thanks - MockTheRock
  9. Since Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale, my ping had been wonderful. As updates kept coming, my ping has dramatically increased from 100 to 1,100! I looked everywhere for ping fixing applications and none of them worked, until I found Outfox. Using Outfox, I have managed to reduce my ping from 1,100 all the way to 70! I would like to thank the developers of this wonderful application and wish you all a successful business!
  10. I play Fortnite here in the Philippines, I usually get 200+ ping whenever I play, but now as you can see it's a huge difference. Goodjob, Outfox Team! Hoping to see more good results and much lower than 87 ping soon. Maybe add a good server in the Philippines? For a good route and lower ping.
  11. Hi Outfox team, I recently just got introduced to this program and I decided to request a free trial, right after downloaded, I tried and it worked perfectly fine. The next day i decided to use it again but whenever i open outfox, I cant seems to connect to the game server, It just says "your connection to the host has been lost". It happened for overwatch too.
  12. Fortnite would be a great addition to outfox