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Found 4 results

  1. Could you please add support for Apex Legends by Respawn? It is the most popular battle royale out there right now! Their origin (EA) servers are a mess and anything that can help improve the connection would be amazing! Especially bc many times I'm forced to swap servers to get into a lobby with decent queue times. TLDR: Will we see support for ApexLegends or should we stop wasting out time and find someone who will?
  2. tios por favor agregen este juego por favor (guys please add this game please)
  3. Can we get support of csgo as it is very popular
  4. So last week we learned that Destiny is finally coming to the PC, with an amazing premiere by Bungie and Activision. If you missed it or have not been interested in Destiny I do strongly suggest you check out the announcement here: Unfortunately, it seems that there will be a delayed release of Destiny 2 for PC, but I would like to hear what you are excited about. Me personally, I am excited about the new Guild and guided gaming system. It has been some time since I have played an MMO that has focuses gameplay on the guild in this fashion. I hope it works wells so that many future games learn the importance of guilds. What are you looking forward too in Destiny 2?