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Found 9 results

  1. Stuck in loading. Restarted computer reinstalled outfox Stopped and Started service with services.msc in run Downloaded new C ++ looking for solution. thanks
  2. Hello, Outfox does not activate regardless if it will improve experience or not. One game it will say negative improvement and next it says it would have provided a positive improvement.
  3. the client loads to long it has been about 10 to 6 hour now that the client keeps loading. please help
  4. login failed
  5. Hello OutFox isnt detecting my fortnite and I was wondering how to fix this
  6. I have a problem with this, I just installed the program and when I run it I get this, what can I do to solve it
  7. Here's the summary: I created my Outfox account and applied my license key for one year off. I was given a trial for the service, and when that ran out my 1 year license did not activate. Do I need to put in my credit card details in order to activate it? I'd rather not because I have no idea whether it's going to draw money from my bank or activate the voucher, and I don't want to pay for a service which I have 1 year free of. Help would be much appreciated, perhaps a work around or a direct solution. Thanks.
  8. Im starting to doubt that this works, it does support League Of Legends, and its running in the background, but it doesnt work.... When I play League, I get a playable 125 ms, believe it or not. But it only increased it... I check the outfox application and the improvment is -57%... I am really dissapointed as I lost plenty of games, and time... This doesnt work for me.. I dont know why.. I dont have any viruses... I have a wireless internet connection... I am from Hawaii.
  9. Every time I try to start a game (PUBG or LoL) (passed the loby at this point) my PC crashes with BAD_POOL_CALLER error. This doesn't happen if Outfox isn't running. How can I fix this?