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  1. Did you guys realize that are many League of Legend servers, not only an NA server? So I'm a Brazilian player trying to play League of Legends, but instead of improving my route for the BR game server, Outfox is doing it for the NA game server, resulting in horrible lags (my ping goes from 70 to 400)... I'm not sure if this software is new (I got it on a Humble Bundle deal), but this is quite a standard thing, I must tell you that was a terrible first impression. I mean, at least give me the possibility to deal with configurations. The problem is clear, there is no way (that I know thus far) to point out to the software that I'm trying to connect to the Brazilian game server, not the NA game server, and the software seems to have a hard time to figure out that obvious situation. I'm not even bothering to test others games like CS:GO. It's obvious that if you're shipping your product worldwide you need to have this kind of things in mind. If this software only tries to improve routes to NA servers, you should let everyone know it ASAP. Also, please add ESO on the game list =P Sorry if I sound rude, but that was really a very bad first impression. Wish you guys a good work, hopes you can fix it soon. EDIT / Clarification: As a Brazilian Player, I'm trying to connect to the League of Legends BR GAME SERVER. Even manually choosing OUTFOX BR SERVER (Rio de Janeiro), the software keeps trying to improve my route to the NA GAME SERVER of League of Legends. In result, my ping goes high than ever before. I want to play on the BR GAME SERVER of League of Legends, not in the NA GAME SERVER.