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Found 4 results

  1. hello I wanted the brawlhalla game to be added to OUTFOX because in the brawlhalla game the ping goes up very quickly and that is annoying and you can't play quietly. help!
  2. lag

    Hello, company Outfox, good afternoon I hope you can respond to my request ... I really like your program, but how can you work in a game called Special Force 2? The truth is that the game is Filipino and I would like to reduce the delay, since from North America to the Philippines it is enough to please, I love it and it has been a month for me to pay. I would really like it if I could get it to take effect 2 https: //sf2.playpark. Com / en-mar / juego / nload.html Dow. Thank you very much I hope if you can approve my request you should try the game I would be very grateful if you would admit the game to outfox thank you very much !!!
  3. Whenever i connect to outfox every 5 minutes im getting network lag, its so frustating otherwise the software is doing a pretty decent job but this network lag problem is ruining the app. Please do something about it. Thank you
  4. We have packet loss while playing fortnite, isp says its not them, 0-10%. We found another program that removes the packet loss, but not sure on the legality, vpn. It works perfect. When using outfox I still get packet loss, does it have any features to remove packet loss? Our ping is never an issue.