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Found 7 results

  1. I think two features would be good additions to your application. Manually Disable This can include for certain amounts of time or maybe disable for certain games but there is a lack of customization toward enabling and disabling at will. Auto-login at startup I feel like this shouldn't have to be a requested feature. It's pretty inconvenient to have to login every time you restart your computer, especially because it's difficult to remember all of your passwords. I have had to look up my password literally every time the app starts up, and it has made me not even want to use it at times. Make it so where the app will auto log you in when you open it up.
  2. So I recently learned you guys added PUBG. The only way I was able to play pubg before was to use your VyprVPN client to connect. Not sure why but it reliably worked. I was able to download and login to Outfox earlier this morning. What an amazing experience! My lag was nonexistent, and the game ran much smoother on my end. Outfox was working flawlessly. I ended up installing it on my other two machines that guests use when they visit. When I came back to my primary machine to log back in, the software hangs. I restarted my machine and was able to login again. However this time I connected to one game, everything went fine, then it switched to a 'Standard' Connection type and I was no longer able to play. It appeared the VPN part of the software was no longer working. I restarted my machine and it hung at login. I restarted my machine and the problem persists. Not sure where to go from here. My login hangs on my other two machines as well. I love the software and realize it is still in beta so if there's anything I can do to help the process along please let me know. Thanks
  3. Is it normal for Outfox to always ask for a login at startup. I hate typing in my credentials every time I want to use it. I think when I first started using it, it did log in automatically. Thanks.
  4. Just make an option to save the session, login each time open it, is annoying, and don't want to start it with the system
  5. I already tried it several times, I installed it again and it does not let me start the session help
  6. Seriously, why would you want us to manually login on our own private computer every time your program starts? Need to remove having to manual login each time. Thanks.
  7. Hi there! Golden frog's fan here. Guys, I appreciate and respect all the work you have done. Been following your works since long time. Ok, here is the issue: I got an email to activate the account last night, but have not done anything and just pressed login on the desktop app. Didn't wait for the login to complete and had to leave my workstation and left the pc working. But I saw something loading in the background (games logos, some GUI elements). This morning I saw that I was logged out on the app. So I pressed on Login and got the message "Your Outfox account is not active". I opened my email and clicked on Activate link and got forwarded to a page that said your account was verified. That's it. I still get the "Your Outfox account is not active" login error. What should I do to get this resolved?