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Found 6 results

  1. Any workaround for this? I installed it yesterday, created an account yesterday, played with it on default settings yesterday and it worked. I closed my computer and tried it today, I cannot connect to any servers. I mean the Outfox app oppened immediately when i booted my pc, but when i go into valorant, practice match, outfox wont connect to a server. I did that yesterday to check my ping if it was reduced before joining a ranked match and it worked. But today it doesnt do anything.
  2. Hello, Outfox does not activate regardless if it will improve experience or not. One game it will say negative improvement and next it says it would have provided a positive improvement.
  3. at the beginning I was very interested in this program, before using the program I had 115 MS while playing league of legends but after trying it the program does not notice any difference (except that it takes longer to load the game) Right now I'm playing League of Legends in Bolivia, Tarija, What server do you recommend? In case you do not have any server that can help me reduce the MS How long would it take to enable one Server that can help me?
  4. I downloaded Outfox and tried it with Dota 2 and it's worked But when i played CS:GO , nothing showed up , Outfox didn't recognize the game and still say " Play any supported games ... " . Not a single connection established I sent my 2 log files to support team but still wanna ask if someone has a solution for this ? Thanks
  5. When I start up battlegrounds nothing happens NA servers, US based, both services up and open, restarted computer, stopped then started outfox at a service level: no change
  6. Im starting to doubt that this works, it does support League Of Legends, and its running in the background, but it doesnt work.... When I play League, I get a playable 125 ms, believe it or not. But it only increased it... I check the outfox application and the improvment is -57%... I am really dissapointed as I lost plenty of games, and time... This doesnt work for me.. I dont know why.. I dont have any viruses... I have a wireless internet connection... I am from Hawaii.