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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I wonder if Outfox can select exit node to change game server. Because Overwatch there are many server in same region. E.g. I want to play on Korea server and it was placed in Asia server. It's need to fix client ip to korean ip to guaruntee that i will get korea server to play. I try to force Outfox to use Korea server. It's work but come with high ping. So i think feature like server-chain connection would be good. E.g. Connect to HK node but exit node is KR server
  2. Hello, I've recently installed Outfox to try it out. Had some trouble logging in but resolved it after receiving excellent tech support. I've only tried Outfox in PUBG and Overwatch. In PUBG it works well, I'm getting around ~30% improvement. In Overwatch I get around 60% improvement, however I'm facing a very buggy behavior. This is what happens every time I connect to a game: I enter the hero selection screen Outfox detects a session was started and connects me to a server - it is worth noting that at this point my ping already starts dropping in-game I get disconnected and reconnected to the game - my ping goes up Outfox detects the session was ended for some reason, then detects a new one I get disconnected from the game again and thrown into a very long loading screen, and then back into the hero selection screen again, my ping goes down again This sequence takes almost two minutes, which is crucial in a game like Overwatch, as that usually costs me talking and making strategies with my teammates before the game starts, as well the entire pre-match setup duration (which is usually 30 or 60 seconds). If I'm playing defense I'll still be at the spawn room when the match has already started.
  3. This helps me a lot with overwatch. After using it, my ping decreases to 50ms from 80ms. The part u need to improve is the algorithm of latency. If I pick fastest server which means automatic choose server, the software says my internet is fastest and it's not working. I am in NJ. Then I pick either Chicago or NJ, I am in 50ms which is fun. Besides, I don't like accelerate right before the sections start. It influences a lot on overwatch. When my teammates finish choosing hero, I start to pick. I prefer accelerate before the game start. Which makes me faster to pick which hero I want.
  4. Whenever I start this app and go to training mode, it gets really buggy. I select a hero, and it restarts the training mode over and over again for about 10 seconds, which is understandable. I usually get 130 png without this, but as soon as it starts i get 5% more png that i already have. I will usually sit at a solid 150 png. So sometimes this app really gives you more png.
  5. I'm from Egypt..& the normal ping for me (Without using the software) at the european servers is around 70-90 mms (& its good enough for me) When I try to connect to a game (When the ping is around 100-400 mms & while using the software) it says (failed to connect to server)... here's some screenshots...
  6. I've noticed recently that when I'm using outfox and also joining a game in Overwatch, while I'm waiting on the hero selection screen at the very beginning of the match, that it will reload it 2-3 times and by then the hero selection is over and most of my mains are already picked. Has this happened to anybody else? (I play on the Los Angeles server btw)
  7. I had 81 ping I activated it and it said -15% i looked in game i had 91 ping it made my game worse i live in Israel btw
  8. Hi! I'm considering giving this a try and I was wondering what the server locations are so far? I mainly play Overwatch and I occasionally like to play on West Coast servers and Korean Servers so I would need a server in Seoul as well as LA. Further more, are there deals or similar things where I can get both Outfox and vypr since I'm also looking for a general purpose VPN on top of Gaming? Currently I already have a VPN that works wonders for connecting to LA servers however they don't offer much for asian servers and it's also not gaming specific. Thanks for your time and effort.