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Found 14 results

  1. I have had a problem for a few months I have used Outfox for a while and recently I have had high ping normally I play league of Legend with 71 ping before I reduced it to 55 to 60 but now it goes up from 71 to 117 no longer works for me I think I will cancel my subscription.
  2. I started using OUTFOX today. After I connected my game World of tanks, The ping is high that 200. I changed it to Hong Kong and the game is not getting connected, I tried Singapore and getting 200 and plus. Its not working for me. My game server is Hong Kong and I am from India,
  3. Please add support for warzone! We really need this. I play on 300 ping and its unplayable!
  4. hello I wanted the brawlhalla game to be added to OUTFOX because in the brawlhalla game the ping goes up very quickly and that is annoying and you can't play quietly. help!
  5. PUBG LITE Should Also Be Supported
  6. - I know this is still beta and don't have much server, to begin with .- So why don't you guy put a little AD on the Outfox app, well it's free stuff, we don't mind to have AD (as long as it not making any sound!)- and off course so i can have better ping
  7. For some reason it just seems to double my ping, i usually get around 20 - 29 ping but when I use Outfox it goes to 32 to 45 practicaly doubling it, Is this as I already get the best possible ping for my area? I just dont get it And if you are wondering why I want better ping than 20+ its because you have a waaaaaaaay bigger advantage with low low ping in fortnite
  8. The servers yall connect me to are giving me stuttering and more ping than my original ISP, safe to say that you guys are not premium enough to pass Comcast or am I mistaken?
  9. So got a couple of things: 1) is it possible to tracert re-routes taken using outfox to check if latency issues are occurring due to the outfox re-route node or another node. When/if I experience latency spikes/packet loss it'd be much easier to identify if its me or the service. 2) League of legends servers have been moved to chicago but outfox still has them listed as being in LA (small thing but so your aware) 3) lastly issues with the client tracking in game latency/packet loss. Attached you'll see a clip of what it shows but in reality in game the ping was around 32ms.
  10. Hey (all tested in LOL) So according to outfox my standard ping is 14ms (my actual ping in lol is 39ms) and the programm says the outfox ping is 38ms. Also outfox said the gameserver is located in ireland but the LOL servers are in Frankfurt Germany. I sit in Austria btw. So why does the programm try to conect to ireland when its way further than just directly to frankfuth. I think you have to improve the programm ab bit. In first place to recognize the correct ping and to locate the server whitch i want to go.
  11. Please, support SAMP(San Andreas Multiplayer) with outfox and add it to list of supported games, please. Thank You. -
  12. Hello there, So I installed and tested the software a bit. I live in I chose the frankfurt serverĀ“s and played pubg and overwatch. In both games my ping increased from between 8% and 16%. Then I tried again with the option "fastest server". After that I my ping increased between 1% and 11%. Can anyone help me or explain why I get no improvements?
  13. Hi, I've been trying Outfox for a few hours on rocket league, I'm very well known in the esports scene, just google me out to understand. I'm the only one between the top players with an average of 60 ping, The reason why that happens is because i live in sicily, an island in south italy where the peering is awful. Any speed test with servers in sicily gives me a ping below 10ms, around 30 to Naples and above 40 to Rome. Same reason why I'm not seeing any improvement with outfox at the moment, the game servers are in netherlands already. The only way for me to actually fix this would be a server even closer than milan or rome. I will continue supporting the project in hope that a server in south italy will be made.
  14. Outfox shows the Outfox ping but doesn't also display the standard connection information. The standard information line remains at the bottom of the graph and the improvement % stays at -100% as a result.