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Found 2 results

  1. Im a YouTuber and I receive this email from this guy saying he works for Outfox and he is the PR manager.I would love to promote Outfox on my videos but just responding to emails to this guy he seems a bit sketchy so I wanted to make sure this is legit and real before I do something stupid and get my channel hacked or something. I dont want to offend the company or this gentlemen,Im just worried about the wellbeing of my YouTube channel which Ive growing for years,hope you understand. Im only posting this because I have received a lot of emails of people pretending to be a brand and trying to scam me so Im just making sure everything is alright before I proceed!
  2. since last month I started having the problem, after entering on the game around 20 minutes the Ethernet fail and show the error “ we hit a roadblock” , and I am sure it’s the outfox because when the game do it and close outfox the game do not pull me out.