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Found 4 results

  1. i bought the humble bundle 1 year promo for outfox, i downloaded outfox, went through the free trial. i went to update my billing information, and there was no promo code box to input my code. the redemption instructions on humble bundle state that the code must be used by oct. 16. it is still august. now that i have updated my billing information, outfox charged my card 39.99 and i still have no place to put my code. any help would be appreciated. a refund would be even better
  2. Hello, Bought a code from humble bundle. I put the code strait as I got it (2-3 weeks ago) and it didnt work, I contacted the support and he said as soon as the trail is over it automatically will update and show that I have got the one year subscription. Now 3 weeks ago from the trail (or more) still not activated and when I try to put the info agian it is saying "Invalid promo code. Please verify the correct promo code has been entered and try again." Thanks for reading, have a nice day.
  3. Hello, I bought the Humble Software Bundle: Up Your Game! and so I got a promo code for Outfox but do I must enter a credit card for enter the promo code? And I have the impression that if I enter a credit card it'll pay automatically on the credit card.
  4. I Recently Bought A Bundle On Humble Bundle, When I bought it, it said that I would have to go to my billing info and enter the key given to me, but when I went there, there was no place to put the key (Promo Code). It says that there should be a part that says "Promo Code (Optional)" But It's Not There. Please Help.