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  1. As the title suggests... using the fastest server option, Outfox reliably reports an "improvement" of sometimes up to a whole -100%... taking my average ping from 50-60 to 90-110. I have managed to get a reduction of about 30ms or so during a match on a East server, but I had temporarily attempted to select Dallas from the Outfox settings... I've been unable to replicate that benefit, all other matches have seemingly been in the negative according to Outfox. I have fiberoptic, but live in Oklahoma so my average to West is about 60ms while East is about 50ms. If I could get a consistent match like that one Outfox delivered me 25ms, that would be fantastic and I'd be happy to pay... however atm I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong.
  2. My question is the same as the one in this thread and this one When using Outfox, I am almost always disconnected before a match begins with an error reading "Connection Lost your connection to the game timed out Error: 71". This never happens normally and I don't use a VPN or other funky connection. If it does connects (once every 10 tries) the connection is noticeably worse than it normally would be.
  3. Hi! Me and my friend are playing In-Party in Rocket League and each time we join servers my friend gets "No reservation found [58]". But we never get this error when we are not playing in-party. Could it be that we get different Oufox Servers and thus lose the In-Party connection? This really is a dealbreaker if it does not get fixed. Brgds, Gunnar
  4. Whenever I search in Asia Mainland Servers in Rocket League, it takes me 6 out of 10 tries to connect to a server. I'm glad that even though that happens when it does connect it reduces my ping by 60-85% but I think it's just hassling to wait for so long to find a game and wait for it to actually connect. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem or can you guys do anything about it? I'm planning to buy a year subscription of Outfox but I hope this problem gets fixed.
  5. rocket league

    Whenever i try joining without Outfox i can get into a game, but when I run Outfox, it'll go into the server loading screen then disconnect me back to main menu and will say "Connection Lost your connection to the game timed out Error: 71, how do I fix this?
  6. Hi, I've been trying Outfox for a few hours on rocket league, I'm very well known in the esports scene, just google me out to understand. I'm the only one between the top players with an average of 60 ping, The reason why that happens is because i live in sicily, an island in south italy where the peering is awful. Any speed test with servers in sicily gives me a ping below 10ms, around 30 to Naples and above 40 to Rome. Same reason why I'm not seeing any improvement with outfox at the moment, the game servers are in netherlands already. The only way for me to actually fix this would be a server even closer than milan or rome. I will continue supporting the project in hope that a server in south italy will be made.