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Found 4 results

  1. Im request my fav games, Elder Scrolls Online
  2. please add master x master to the a great game
  3. suvival

    Frostkeep Studios is giving a new take on the Massive Survival games we know and love. Melding the worlds of RPG and Survival in a way that till now has never been done. Frostkeep Studios was founded by a number of developers that have worked on titles like World of Warcraft, Wasteland 2, and Wildstar. With their combined experience they are creating a unique gameplay experience that all die hard fans of MMOs and Survival games can enjoy. As a player of Rend, you will start by selecting one of three factions to play as. This faction is then tasked with defending their World Tree and Divinity Stone. To do this you must work together with your team to level, craft, and prepare for the "Reckoning". The "Reckoning" occurs each week every server. each team will lose the protective barrier around the World Trees. This will leave the defense of the Divinity Stones to each team and the defenses that they built prior to the "Reckoning". The end game to Rend is to be the last faction standing or the Faction with the most Lost souls. Winners and participating players will be provided with points to spend on their next server for a number of uses. Rend is planning on dropping the Beta soon and coming to Steam as early access. I would love to hear your thoughts on Rend!
  4. So last week we learned that Destiny is finally coming to the PC, with an amazing premiere by Bungie and Activision. If you missed it or have not been interested in Destiny I do strongly suggest you check out the announcement here: Unfortunately, it seems that there will be a delayed release of Destiny 2 for PC, but I would like to hear what you are excited about. Me personally, I am excited about the new Guild and guided gaming system. It has been some time since I have played an MMO that has focuses gameplay on the guild in this fashion. I hope it works wells so that many future games learn the importance of guilds. What are you looking forward too in Destiny 2?