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  1. Recién descargué el Outfox esperando a que me funcionara y vaya sorpresa me llevé cuando me sale que la conexión con el servidor no se ha logrado establecer, ya he reiniciado la computadora y finalizado el proceso manualmente desde el administrador de tareas. Adjunto imagen. Soy de Colombia/Huila/Neiva
  2. Hello i just downloaded Outfox, and then i get this SERVICE ERROR thingy i cant login so i chat with Jack he send me a link and then i scroll down until i find a text that says go to run and type services.msc and find the outfox and then set it to off i cant heres the problem (WARNING:my English is bad) ScreenShot =
  3. When I open the program I get this directly, I do not ask to log in or anything, it just does not work. I already waited, closed and reopened it to see if it worked and nothing, until I restarted my PC and it still does not work. I have windows 7 64 Bits.
  4. Good, since I saw Outfox I wanted to try it, I downloaded it and I put the free trial of 14 days, when I try to enter the app it tells me this error, I restart the application and I hope, but it is not solved, please help.
  5. If you launch Outfox and you see an error that states: Service Error - Initial connection with service failed OR Connection with service lost, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve it. Firstly, this error occurs in rare cases when the UI falls out of sync with the Outfox service that runs on Windows. The service allows Outfox to do it's thing with game traffic, and it's controlled by the UI you log into and interact with. This can happen for few reasons, but usually it's because the service hasn't been started or there was a conflict when trying to start the service. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the error: 1. The simplest solution is sometimes the best. Restart your computer. 2. Reinstall the application. You can download it again if you need to by clicking here. 3. Attempt to restart the service. Open Windows search or the Run prompt and type in: services.msc Open the Services list and locate Outfox Click to highlight Outfox in the services list and choose the option to Stop the service Give it several seconds to stop, then choose the option to Start the service. Launch Outfox 4. If you're still experiencing the error, it may be due to a C++ redistributable conflict on the machine. Try installing the Microsoft C++ redistributable packages from the following links: 2015 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) 2012 C++ Redistributable Download (install both x64 and x86) If those do not work and you have the 2017 C++ redistributable file(s) installed on your machine (check Programs & Features list in the Control Panel), you should ensure they are updated by downloading and installing the latest from here: 5. Check to see if you have a file called WinDivert64.sys in the Outfox install directory. Typically this will be in: C:\Program Files\Outfox (or wherever you chose to install Outfox, if not the default directory) If you do not see a file called WinDivert64.sys in the Outfox install folder, it may have been deleted due to an install or uninstall of the program where the machine was not restarted when prompted. In this case, click here to download the file (unzip it) and then place it in the Outfox folder. After that, repeat step 3 above to manually start the service. 6. Finally, make sure Windows is up to date, licensed, and activated. Some Windows machines may be missing a security update from 2015 that can cause persistent service errors. Specifically, this update is KB3033929. Please note: It is possible that illegitimate versions of Windows may have issues, including missing security updates, that cause the service error to occur. Naturally, we cannot assist with issues stemming from unlicensed software and strongly encourage the use of fully licensed and legitimate versions of Windows 7. Well darn. You've come this far and it's still happening?! Don't fret! Go ahead and grab your log files and send them to our support team so they can assist. Click here for info on how to find your log files. You can then contact the team by starting a live chat on our website, or emailing