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Found 4 results

  1. HI, I'm having this problem described in the image below, everytime i try to enter a match the program stop working and i get the message "Your sesion has ended". , I've already tried to reset the service in the WIndows Services area and nothing happened. Hope someone can help me with this.
  2. From what I gather. The software is supposed to stop the connection after the game session ends. So it attempts to find a new server once a match is over. It does this all the time for lets say Overwatch. And when a new match is found it finds a new close server to connect to again. However, it never does this for Smite. When you first launch Smite. It connects and finds a server. This is great. But once the match comes to an end it stays connected forever. Never ending the outfox session. It still thinks the match is playing, This is fine since it still corrects high pings for some locations you connect to. The problem occurs when after an hour has elapsed. The graph starts to bug out. Flickering and when you close the Smite game all together. If it gets to this flickering state. The Out Fox software will not close. Needs to be forced closed and then it will no longer re open. Becomes unusable until you restart the computer.
  3. Hello i'm glad that outfox makes my ping stable and 20 less, but the only problem is that sometimes actually most of the time i don't connect to the game (Smite) as in i'm stuck at the loading frame then back to lobby i go, hopefully there's an answer to it. Thank you.
  4. Hi there, I'm a stream and a player in Smite and I have tested for about 30 minutes, I received this application today in my mail, so far its really worked for me. I usually get average ~100 ping and with this application I was getting in between 70 and some. I'll tested more and I post my feedback again, until then, good games all! @ProManicx