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  1. Today, we released a new version of Outfox (0.9.1) with some minor updates: Minor foxes (*fixes): We've been tackling a number of minor UI issues and small bugs from the beta to make Outfox even better. These include the ping gauge UI, colors and spacing in the UI and improvements to install and upgrade flows. Game updates: We're updating World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft II to fix some issues causing those games not to connect to the Outfox server (yikes!). We're currently testing PUBG too - get excited! What do you think?: Help improve Outfox AND get a Steam card for doing so! What are you waiting for? Hop on over to the forum, take our survey, and say "Yes" to be contacted for an interview to share your thoughts with us. We are aware of some known issues that we are investigating at this time: 1. Unable to login (stuck at "Logging In" screen) 2. Some issues with the UI connecting to the Outfox background process ("Connection with service" errors) We will continue to update as we make progress on new features and issues! Thanks, Keegan