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Found 2 results

  1. world of tanks

    I just downloaded Outfox to use with World of Tanks. Every time I try to login to WOT, Outfox ends my session. Help!!
  2. Hi everyone, I did have to recently moved to Mexico city a looking for ways to improve my ping (cause Mexican ISPs are terrible).As wargaming wont let me to move my EU account to NA servers.Outfox does help sometimes but it always connects me to server which is 4000km away.If try to use server located in Mexico city my ping does increase by 40%,which is strange.Considering that my isp is routing my traffic trough 29 hops.How come your private network is not helping?More distance should mean more improvement cause you have servers located near me and also near gaming servers.So i would except less hops and lower ping...