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Found 2 results

  1. wow

    I was wondering and had saw a previous question that now appears deleted... that was asking if support for World of Warcraft would be available? I already get a "decent" ping of 36-46ms but would love to see faster pings. I know it's my ISP's routing causing the ping to be high. I believe all of their servers are in New York and I am in Oregon. I am sure if routing was improved through this program I could yield way better pings and behaviors. I am willing to perform a full review if this is an improvement to my setup. Again, I am a enthusiast/geek and I have really good hardware and I have spent nearly 4000$ on my PC to get it where it is today.
  2. WWIIOL/BGE: World War II Online: Battleground Europe will soon be on Steam. WWIIOL is one of the oldest MMOs as it has been produced since 2001 and is still going. The producers have upgraded their hardware with dedicated servers, uses Netcode 3, and are working towards a Steam Greenlight. I'd like to see this game supported as it is very RAM and CPU intensive.