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Dota 2 is a moba-genre strategy game in which the game requires a good enough strategy to win the game.

So for those of you who are still beginners I would suggest to learn this game, to learn it quite easily .

You must first understand the basic of Dota 2 itself then understand the pattern of the game, well I will discuss here.



On the game Dota 2 there are two ancient equally draw that is radiant and dire, ancient in this content by two mutually contested victory team consisting of 5 persons per team.


Fountain is where the hero team of you respawn, the fountain has a pretty strong attack when your opponent's hero entered the fountain you guys.


In Dota 2 there are 3 lane which must be filled by either hero or hero you guys the enemy team, lane consists of lane top, middle and bottom lane lane.

XP and Gold

If you guys want to heroes and leveling build items then you must collect xp and gold as soon as possible, to be able to collect the xp and gold you require it to do last hits.

The Last Hit

Last hit is the way to get xp and gold, last hit can be done either to enemy creeps or hero. How to do the last hit is very simple, try the health pool from both enemy creep you guys are in the range of 5% when want to do the last hit.


Creeps is a forest owned by the forces of the second good radiant strongholds as well as dire, the task of the creps is simple i.e. you guys help in destroying the tower.


Roshan is a deadly monster which is flanked by the two camps in the forest, the forest monster melukan steam hard pressed to be killed because it has a large pool of health and armor.


Jungle is when you guys do farming to forest.


This tower can help you guys in killing creeps but can also jeopardize the team you guys when the tower was already in the mash by the enemy.


The shrine was the site of team you guys do healing, in Dota 2 there are 2 shrine which each owned by the two camps.


Warding was the placement of the items which include sentry ward ward ward the second observer and this item functions light up lighting when you guys are on the map and shows the hero that can disappear.


Items can help you guys in kero fighting or farming. Item is mandatory you guys have when playing Dota 2.

Type Hero

Type hero here is divided 3 kinds of IE type hero of skill, strength and intelligence that have different functions.

The Role Of The Hero

In Dota 2 there are plenty of you guys should fill the role but there are 3 important role namely Carry, Support and Nuker.

Choose A Hero

You guys should be in the meilih hero that existed in Dota 2 because the composition of the team is no adap hero you guys can determine the victories in the game.



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Awesome post! Really informative, hope to see more!


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