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I play Fortnite and when my roommate is on utube or pretty much doing anything with the network I get ping spikes during fortnite, its crazy, Its goes from 16 to 150 then back down again, this

happens throughout the game


This program if anything made it worse


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hey @dyert2411

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with Outfox. I'd like to confirm that during these ping spikes, do you have the server set to "Fastest Server" in the settings?

If so, then I'd like to have you reach out to our support team with a copy of your log files so we can look into this issue further for you. 

Contact support: https://www.getoutfox.com/support

How to get your logs: https://www.getoutfox.com/support#how-do-i-find-my-log-files

Best regards,


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