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street fighter v


i tried outfox, but it's not working, its getting worse with connexion. i have a high ping with outfox


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Hello! Thank you for your interest in Outfox... and welcome to the forums!

I certainly understand you're seeing some high pings, which is definitely no good. I'd like to get a little more information so we can work through this issue. Could you provide a screenshot of the ping with and without Outfox? Also, let's try a test!

For this test, you would need WinMTR. WinMTR is a program that samples active connections to a server address and samples the pings over time. Very useful for researching into network quality. It can be downloaded here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/

Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder and open to find the executable binary.

Be sure to use the 64-bit version if you're on a 64 bit install of Windows (which I'm about 99% certain is the case, maybe higher).

This is an easy test to perform. Be sure to use the attached image for reference.

 - With WinMTR open, paste "api.gfpnet.com" into the host field (without the quotes)

     - If you have the IP address for the game's server, go ahead and use that

 - Click 'Start' and leave it running while you log in and start playing your game.

 - Play for about 15-20 minutes so WinMTR gets a good sampling

 - Click 'Stop' in WinMTR and then click 'Copy Text to Clipboard'

 - Paste the results in the reply in this thread and we'll give it a look!





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