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Someone help me out fox programe keeping loading like this for more than 2hours and not going to work,i dont know why....20904430_1070136923121520_1770239231_o.png?oh=267613b3a9bb5c4367f03f143287bc14&oe=599786AD


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Hey @go_on_ger,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Can you please try the following steps to help resolve this:

1. Restart the computer. 
2. Restart the service:

- Open Windows search or the Run prompt and type in: services.msc 
- Open the Services list and locate Outfox. 
- Click to highlight Outfox in the services list and choose the option to Stop the service. 
- Give it several seconds, then choose the option to Start the service. 
- Launch Outfox.

3. Reinstall the app. 

If you're still experiencing this issue after trying these steps, please send an email to support@getoutfox.com with your Outfox log attached.  You can locate the log in %ProgramData%\Golden Frog and GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log.



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