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Alpha 2.2 Update Notes

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KillStreak Alpha 2.2 (version 0.5) was released on April 13, 2017!

New Game Support: The team has really been getting into the swing of things, and we recently added support for - hold on to your hats - Team Fortress 2. We want to give you the best experience on as many games as we can, and look forward to supporting the games YOU want as FAST as possible over the coming months!

Update: Following up on our last release, we added a new pinging mechanism so you can always get the best comparison of the KillStreak connection versus your standard connection. The days of missing pings should be behind us (fingers crossed – let us know if we’re wrong).

Update: You didn’t ask for it, but our developers did – we added crash report logs to help us identify any new issues that pop up. Fixes: We’re still working hard on our new UI, but squashed some crashes and made a couple of minor stability fixes.

Up Next: Tons of info and an exciting release coming soon. Praise the ping!


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