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Beta 0.9 Update Notes

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Introducing Outfox!: The team has been waiting to announce this one for a long time. Okay, maybe a few of you already had a sneak peek. We are excited to announce from now on, our optimized gaming network will be called OUTFOX!

B is for Beta: With a new name comes a major new app release, and the beginning of our Beta phase. Outfox Beta launches with a brand new look and feel - we think you're really going to like it.

A E S T H E T I C: In our spiffy new app, we'll show you what Outfox-supported games you're playing and how much we're improving your connection (if we aren't improving it we'll tell you that, too). We have more features planned, including a live graph that shows network performance over time.

Ease of Use: Another major change for the new app is the removal of the off/on button. Just have Outfox running, start a supported game, and we'll connect your games based on a session. Super easy.

Round 1...: For our next supported game, we wanted something that really packed a punch...Street Fighter V!

Outfox Outreach: With our newfound identity and sense of purpose, we have a ton of community efforts planned including tournaments and other events...stay tuned! We still need your input, so keep the feedback coming!


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