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Network and fastest game server find issue.


I have tested outfox with tow games PUBG and Rainbow 6 Siege. PUBG was running well with outfox yesterday. I m from North India and Outfox select Singapore SG-2 with the fastest way.

PUBG:- Yesterday, PUBG was running smoothly with Outfox( Singapore SG-2) server and I was getting 120ms ping and I played 5 to 6 matches. now I m getting network lag detected in PUBG. it is like I lose connection and it never connects me to PUBG game session because or maybe PUBG works on IP address. so I never join same game room after network lag detected.

Rainbow 6 Siege. every time outfox never connect me to a closet or faster game server. if I start R6S without outfox, I get to connect to R6S Singapore game server but when I start R6S with outfox and outfox select Singapore SG-2 as outfox server and it selects random R6S game server. outfox never select R6S Singapore server. I don't know why but plz look at this problem. 



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Heya @kumar.darkmagenta

I'm sorry to hear you've had this trouble with PUBG and Rainbow 6 Siege and we'd be happy to help out.

Can you send us a copy of your log files to support@getoutfox.com ?

You can find the log files for your session at the following directory paths: 

%ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\Outfox.log 

%AppData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox\OutfoxUI.log

Open File Explorer (Win 8/10), also called Windows Explorer (Win 7).

Click in the field at the top that displays what directory you are in. It is the longer field to the left of the Search bar. 

Enter the Outfox directory in this format: %ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GmbH\Outfox (Do this for both paths) 

Press Enter. 

Locate the Outfox.log and OutfoxUI.log files in their respective folders.

Attach those to an email to us and we'll be able to help out further in this matter.

If you have any other questions or concerns as well please let us know in your email.



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