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Outfox 1.0 Update Notes

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Outfox 1.0: Hello, world. We are Outfox. GLHF. Our many months in beta are coming to a close, and we're thrilled to announce we're officially releasing Outfox 1.0! Thank you to everyone who supported us in beta, and welcome to all our new Outfox users.

Outperform: We've been boosting up and min/maxing all of our server locations for 1.0, making improvements to connection speed and introducing new servers to improve routing for our most-played games.

Stay Connected: Outfox now remembers your login information so you can smash out the competition without worrying about logging in. You can also use the Outfox app to monitor connections and performance in real time for any of our supported games – even after your trial ends or if you simply want to check out what Outfox has to offer.

This Isn't The End: It's just the beginning! We have lots in store for Outfox's future - more games, better performance, an updated app. We're excited about all we have planned as we work to deliver the best optimized gaming network out there.

Need Some Steam Money?: We're guessing that’s a "yes!" Take our quick survey about your experience with Outfox and you could win some Steam cash! What are you waiting for? PS: You can also find a link to the survey in our forum.


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